Entry #1

Holy Shit! 10th November!

2008-12-31 11:31:21 by C-Enterprise

I've no idea why that preview beat goes well like that, but since it does, to the people that asked me when the full version will be on Ng: at least a week and the song should be ready, and then I'll put something new.

And because people liked 11.10 just because of the melody well, I'm workin' on a new beat that it does have a melodic piano on it too but is even more dark, depressing and with rough and hard drums. I don't really know when this piece is going to be ready, but since then, I'll just finish the full version of 11.10 lol

Thanks to anyone giving with their reviews proper criticism and tips. and also those that told me suff that was so about emotions and feelings that I really loved to read about what they thought about it :)


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2009-01-01 19:32:44

10th november sounds sick! Nice work looking forward to some new shit from you.