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Pretty bad..

but I've to say I've seen this vid like a couple of days ago, and even if it's made pretty bad and has a retarded sense of humor i laughed.

This made my day definitely.

Great stuff!


But now you gotta tell me how can you animate that well and just create a flat grey movieclip for the smoke at the end LOL

10 outta 10 anyway!

Rantdog responds:

Next time.

Thxs for the ten.

Nice style!

It was different from Krinkels style but it was really cool! Animation well done but in all these great stuff there's something a bit weird... blood. You could have done better with it really...

Anyway great! Keep it lke that

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Sick idea

It's cool. Would have been better if this actually wasn't only stair falling, but lots and lots of levels where get hurt in different ways...

Mm there's a glitch. You can actually make a lot of points without even falling down... just jump to the right on the wall...

KynetiK-27 responds:

Id planned on doing that but was having a lot of library conflicts when importing all my engines into a single file, so i decided to make a series of these.

Thanks you very much for spotting that bug i shall fix this right away


I don't know why you get upset like that for this.. I mean world is full of dumbasses and we gotta live with them even trought the web.

Personally I think that a movie got to be blammed if it doesn't have sense, it's random and too much "n00bish", or useless like some of the crews creations...

Anyway this movie was good. Got the message.

If you tried to scare me with that modem sound at the end.. well didn0t worked ;-)


In fact it's nothing very original... anyway it wasn't that bad, just a pair of things.

The cursor is just too big, when you have to move it in very small places you want the cursor to be smaller..

And, the typical error: you have to disable the right click. Or anyone can skip every level he wants..

Make it a bit original and it's gon' be all right.

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I mean... seriously? Are you the real Deaf Kev?
If so, just letting you know that your style is amazing, very unique, heard your stuff before but never thought you would appear on newgrounds out of the blue :)
Greetings from Switzerland man keep up the good work, and if you got the chance to check out any of my songs I'd be honored to hear what you think about them :)

DEAFKEV responds:

thanks a lot man!
yes im the real one ^^ someone told me it would be a cool thing so i thought I'd give it a shot :)

Oh yea

This is so wu tangish :)
I mean, this is raw and experimental at the same time, i really like that ehe
May need some polishing but don't mind about my review, i'm listening to this on a bad speaker system right now so...
Good job anyway :)


Nice beat t-free :)
Only thing i would have made a bit different is making that kind of violin that comes in around one minute to have an intense reverb but well it's a matter of taste. other than that it's a great beat ;)

T-Free responds:

Hey, that idea with the reverb sounds nice, I'll mess around with that a bit, I think it will sound great on the violin. Nice to get a review from you, C-Enterprise, I appreciate it alot. And thanks for the suggestion! :)

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