Collaboration iz on: New Track Soon with LYRICS FT. BURLY

2009-06-25 20:29:24 by C-Enterprise

Ayyooo everybody! (who?)
Just wanted to let y'all know appreciating my beats that I'm up to my first international collab.

Me and Burly gon' make a track together, I've already set up a beat and he's mixing it up a bit, and we're both down with the lyrics right now as well.
The song will feature my (swiss)italian rapping and singing mashed up with Burly's (US)english rapping and singing.

For those of you reaching here to this blog not knowing about my stuff: check it out.

For those of you that doesn't know who Burly is, follow his profile ( ) check his latest track and vote it 5 already because seriously, it's not only a great track mixed up really well, the lyrics and the sing in there.. everything is cool so just go check it.

And a question to anyone that set me as a favorite in his list: does ng now inform if i put a new track on the portal? because my latest beat got a good number of listening/voting, like, waaaay more than before (i mean without hitting best of the week or that kind of stuff).

If anyone can answer me that please do it, or else if you want, leave a comment ;)



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2009-06-30 23:36:38

Lol, he speaks the truth!

C-Enterprise responds:

Yaay lol


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