Entry #6


2009-11-06 20:31:02 by C-Enterprise

Ayoayo :D
My CD as a rap artist is finally online, i know probably not many will download it since it's all in italian but hey I tell you, check it out at least for the beats i've put into ;)

And so far i had some people that told me to upload the full songs with lyrics even though not many would have understood it, but i never did and i never will honestly.
NG is an american website, i don't see the point in uploading swiss.italian hip hop lol

enough wit the chitchattin' here's the link to my website where you can download my whole cd ;)


Enjoyy ;)


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2009-11-08 09:15:32

HELL yea! I remember you said 1st November and I went to download it! The CD generally as a whole is great and the style of yours is very unique. Awaiting more of your master pieces :)

C-Enterprise responds:

Hehe thank you very much ;)
i've put a lot of effort doing this i'm glad you liked it :P
i also remember that you were like "what? 1st november?? 2 months left??" lol


2009-11-28 03:46:21

Lol i dont know any Italian wish i did but i like ur beats so much i decided click and download
and wow 100/10 100/5 the lyrics go so good with the song liked every single one then again did understand what it said =( lol but still keep it up stay making beats never let ur dream run out of u
p.s Se Ti Avessi Ft. A-Man and Non Morira nice beats godlike =D

C-Enterprise responds:

LoL thank you very much for your vote ehe
in fact lyrics are included in the id3 tags of the tracks, if you open them with itunes you can copy and paste it into a translator (even though the result won't be perfect <.<)
and by the way, non morirĂ  is my favorite overall :P
...togheter with a chi non ci credeva lol
thank you for your download and appreciation ;)